The Eastfield Inn

4If you are looking for an independent and family friendly pub to visit in our surrounding neighbourhoods; there are a few pubs to choose which come highly rated by local residents with children. Having little preference over the three highly recommended, I decided to randomly pick one and make a visit for a round of Sunday roast.  The Eastfield Inn located on Henleaze Road can be easily found after passing the row of shops and one of the advantages of the premises is the off street parking spaces available and even if the forecourt car park is full, it is not too difficult to find parking places nearby.


The pub interior is bright, spacious and there are plenty of tables to accommodate large groups. As we were guided to our table, seeing families groups spanning three generations having their Sunday roast was a common sighting throughout the pub which was a reassuring sign of relief that it was a popular family venue. Although many pubs who present themselves as family orientated, I have come across a few which have not met your average expectations and fortunately this venue does tick all the right boxes in this category.


2The menu offered a choice of five starters and five main courses and a separate section for roasts which included beef, chicken breast, lamb shank and pork; all of which were served with rosemary roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and seasonal vegetables. For our selection, we choose roast beef which was a 30 day dry aged Aberdeen Angus topside of beef (£11.95). On the menu description, the beef seemed tempting enough to try but on arrival, the portion was somewhat small and the beef was also dry. For the second roast, we ordered the roast pork which was a slow-cooked Orchard farm shoulder of pork (£10.50). Again, the portion was small and the side vegetables which included some Savoy cabbage were quite undercooked and had an unappealing raw crunch to it. Not that either roast dishes were so terrible that you would never return again but it was just so average and there are so many other choices for Sunday roast out there you can choose from no matter if you are looking for better food quality or value. Foregoing puddings, we decided to order a cheeseboard which comprised of Cheddar, Stilton and Brie with crackers and chutney (£6.25). The portion of the cheeseboard was larger than usual for a single person serving but the cheeses were your general everyday variety.


3However, the overall dining experience should not be deicide on food alone even if this was the low point here. The highlight of this pub which would appeal most to families visiting is the large garden and outdoor play area at the back of pub. For any pub you could visit, there are not many which offer this wide range of outdoor facilities which include swings, caged ducks and chickens, a pond and a mini football area. If the weather permits, children different ages can play in this large outdoor area under indoor parental supervision which makes this venue such an obvious choice of pub for parents with active children.

Although this would not be the place I pick for food which is my usual priority in choosing places to eat; it is nonetheless still a very good place for drinks and gatherings if visiting with children in your group. The staff members were friendly and helpful. For a restaurant visit, it was almost a very positive experience in every way but sadly missing out on the main attraction of any visit which is the food itself.



The Eastfield Inn

219 Henleaze Road




Tel. 0117 239 1466


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