Boston Tea Party

1A full fry up breakfast is serious business and after spending last few years of trying out most of the available varieties of bacon and sausages from several local butchers, I have managed to customise my Sunday full breakfast treat to my very own of standard of perfection. I was always happy to share these wonderful pointers of getting the best local flavours with friends, but that was until recently when a friend told me that I really must try some of the great breakfasts available around town to get to the perfect full breakfast. I then realised that whilst I was busy trying to create the perfect full breakfast at home, it had been a while since I went out for breakfasts and now I have a recommended shortlist of breakfast stops to try out.


My first stop was Boston Tea Party on Gloucester Road and in case you didn’t know, in the places where they have opened, they seem to become a bit of a local neighbourhood favourite. The Gloucester Road venue is large for a café and has plenty of table and seating.  On the menu, the selection available was somewhat limited in choice but there is particular emphasis on all the food is made from scratch and that they have a 3 star sustainable restaurant rating. I decided to try the full breakfast from the brunch section of the menu with the dish creatively named ‘The Boss’.


2This full breakfast comprised of bacon, sausage, hog’s pudding, mushroom, roast new potatoes, roasted tomatoes, scrambled egg, baked beans, two rounds of toast (£9.50). There is a consistency in both the restaurant interiors and the food as it is relaxed but with particular attention to retro details.  The full breakfast was served on an enamel pie dish which resembled more like a serving dish last seen in cafeterias from my school days. All items in this breakfast selection was very good quality. There was good meat content on the sausage and the hog’s pudding was an interesting alternative to the usual black pudding equivalent. Other interesting touches were roast potatoes instead of hash browns, scrambled eggs cooked with diced tomatoes and roast vine tomatoes instead of grilling them. All of which gave that full breakfast these extra bits of details to make it slightly more outstanding that what you would expect.


For the price, you get good quality all round and although it is comparably more expensive than what is generally available, it is worth trying if you are looking for a refresher on a classic dish. Oddly enough, you would think the option of a tea or coffee would be part of the order but then again this just didn’t seem to be the type of place which would offer that.


3With our time of visit closer to lunch than breakfast, we also ordered a Reuben sandwich from the brunch section of the menu which was grill toasted and consisted of salt beef, pickles, Gruyere cheese and Dijon mustard (£5.95). Although it was not what you might expect from the New York style of Reuben sandwich, it was nonetheless a delicious grill toasted sandwich with a perfect balance of cheese, mustard and pickles. If there was just a bit more salt beef to bring out the signature Reuben flavour, it would have been closer to the real deal.


This is a good, well organised local café that is part of a growing chain in the south west. With their environmentally conscious direction and younger appeal, it is not surprising to see its soaring popularity over the past years. It is a good place to meet with friends and also to bring visitors from out of town. Although for food and drinks I still prefer something a little closer to a traditional local café, I would gladly return again to try a new menu item in the future.


Boston Tea Party

293 Gloucester Road



Tel. 0117 924 1110


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