The Moody Goose

After a day travelling around Somerset, we booked this restaurant for a early dinner at 7pm.

welcome starter

With lots of parking space, the environment of Old Priory is definitely different than the nearby residential area, it is a tranquil setting with a small garden that is great for pre-dinner drinks.

We waited in the lounge and ordered drinks with with 3 other couples before our dinner. What should have been reasonable wait period ended up to be 45 minutes. It seems that something went wrong with the restaurant as I don’t think it should have been that long!


The food was good but the restaurant waiting  staff was very inexperienced and this had ruined the dining experience. There were two dining rooms in the restaurant and we were seated in the smaller one. The room was small but the restaurant has set up 4 tables for two and 1 table for four at the centre of the room.




The room itself was a typically double bedroom sized room and with so many tables set up, the ambiance was very cramped. With the other tables of 2 there, it was quite hard to have private conversation without listening. As such, the dining room was drowned in whispers. Until the larger table of four final arrived, the noise level was too uncomfortable. After the initial 45 minute wait, the keen but very amateur service and not to mention the cramped dining room, we did not even bother having desserts in case we had to wait past midnight!


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