Mayflower Chinese Restaurant

As one of the long established Chinese restaurant in Bristol, I have visited the Mayflower with my friends and their family for Chinese New Year celebration.

The decoration is basic and crowd – like most of the typical Chinese restaurant set up, it does not have a big change compare with my last visit few years ago, it was packed on this Saturday evening, we have arranged on the 2nd floor for a table for four with two toddlers.


The Three Roasties includes Honey Roasted Pork, Crispy Pork Belly and Roasted Duck, this Cantonese barbecue roasties were full of flavour but it was a bit cold, but the staff said it was supposed to be served cold. Sliced Pork with Capital Sauce was one of my favourite, but the pork was overcooked, so hard that it could not be chewed at all. Shredded Pork Chow Mein taste not bad indeed, but it cooked so bad as the noodle was sticked together, we tried very hard to tear it apart and served. Baby Leaf is a seasonal vegetable and recommended by the staff, it taste really good but too oily. Oyster and Pork Belly Casserole was terrible, oyster and pork belly were soaked in a lot of oil and I did not really want to have a try. We also ordered a Squid in Chilli Salt, but the kitchen seems missed to cook this one and we have cancelled this order.he menu selection is extensive and staff is helpful to introduce different dishes to us, the food served to us very fast and with generous portion size. As we share all the starters and main courses, a total six items were ordered.


We did not finish the food we ordered and left, around £20 per person (except toddlers) with the soft drinks and boiled rice, it is not too pricey but everyone was leaving with a half-empty stomach. It’s time to explore a new place for authentic Chinese cuisine.

Mayflower Chinese Restaurant Bristol

Address: 3A – 5 Haymarket Walk The Haymarket, Bristol BS1 3LN. 

Tel: (0117) 9250555


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